MAAPP Series Conclusion 2021

The concluding episode of this yearlong series reinforces the importance of these policies and summarizes topics and learnings from prior series episodes.


Common policy questions are answered, including nuances of the “observable and interruptible” standard, and guidance on electronic communications and locker rooms.

Coaches and the MAAPP

USA Table Tennis High Performance Director Sean O’Neill describes tactics he has used to introduce and implement the MAAPP in his sport setting.

How NGBs are Implementing the MAAPP

In this podcast, representatives from three U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement national governing bodies discuss how they are implementing revised guidance in the 2022 MAAPP throughout their organization.

Why the MAAPP?

This podcast details the development and rationale for the 2022 MAAPP, and how they help prevent abuse and misconduct related to young athletes in sport settings.

2022 MAAPP

This podcast introduces the 2022 MAAPP and summarizes important changes to this version relative to the original 2019 MAAPP version.